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Able Containers Wire mesh containers, suited to storage, stacking, racking, stock picking, transport.


Propaflex Multi layer, tough, cushioned packaging sheet or roll, for protection of cable reels, steel coils, machinery, layer separation, heavy duty transport protection.

Propametic Aluminium foil bonded to a heavy duty plastic sheet.

Propasteel Corrosion/Oxydation resistant, super tough packaging film.

Propatech Paper, Films and Bags impregnated with Anti Corrosion chemicals.

PropaDry & PropaSec Bags and Containers filled with either activated clay or calcium chloride dessicant, for use in all moisture drying applications including containers.

Stirofilm Opaque high density, 215um film used to wrap or cover crates for protection against humidity. Very high anti-scuff properties.

King Stretch Film High quality hand and machine stretch film for pallet and bundle protection.

King Shrink Film Bags and sheets of all sizes for pallet protection and shrink to fit applications.

King Film Dispensers Hand dispensers, used to apply stretch film by hand.

King Stretch Wrappers Powered Turntables, semi and fully powered stretch wrap machines for all applications.

King Strapping Machines Semi-automatic. Takes any size carton or bundle. Power feed out. Adjustable dwell time. Amazing value for money.

King Strapping 12mm x 3000 Mtr Strapping available for the King Strapping Machine.

King Strapping Tools A range of hand and power tools for all requirements.

King Packaging Tape A range of tapes to suit all needs.

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