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PROPATECH VCI is a product range created and developed in one of the world’s most advanced research laboratories in the field of metal protection against corrosion.

PROPATECH VCI system is the safest and most convenient method for protecting metal products against damages caused by rust and corrosion, during shipping and storage.
PROPATECH VCI papers, introduced in the early 1980s, have been joined over time by many other products satisfying the ever-changing needs of increasingly demanding customers.

Today PROPATECH VCI is the anticorrosion system preferred by a majority of manufacturing  industries worldwide.

Available in film, bags, paper and customized options. Emitters and diffusers can play a part where wrapping is not an option.

Propatech VCI Film, used to line crate for protection of export panels.

Propatech Emitters and Diffusers, pads and tablets, used to protect against corrosion.

Propatech VCI Paper in layers, to protect export metal trims.

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