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STRETCH WRAP MACHINES make light of the task of unitizing and protecting a load. Why manually wrap, when you can utilize your precious time elsewhere, whilst a machine can do the task well and without supervision?

THE POWERED TURNTABLE. Item PT-1. We start off with a very simple machine,

which can be stored on or under the pallet rack, so that your precious space is

available to you for other purposes when you need it.

It can be moved using a hand pallet truck, walkie stacker or forklift truck via the

heavy duty built in sleeves, that also acts as the sturdy base - capable of taking a

1500 Kg load. Deck height is only 350mm.

The 1100mm diameter turntable is octagonal. This allows the corners of the pallet

to show, which means that when applying stretch film via a hand dispenser, the

film can actually be run under the corners, thereby unitizing the load to the pallet.

The load is placed on the chequer plate deck, and the unit is plugged into a 240v outlet. The operator uses the foot control to rotate the turntable, whilst applying the stretch film, which can be either laid onto the load lightly, or stretched using the hand brake on the dispenser.


A top cover can be laid over the load and the cover wrapped into the load using the stretch film, for waterproofing if required. Some operators are able to run film up and over the load from the bottom corners, thereby protecting the top of the load with stretch film only.

                                                                                                     KING SEMI-AUTO STRETCH WRAPPER . Item MP-205.                                                                                                        

                                                                                                     240v operation (20 amp). 1.5 kW.


                                                                                                     Load capacity 2000 Kgs. 1500mm diameter turntable.                                                                                                          86mm high deck. Fork sleeves fitted for re-locating.                                                                                                              Variable speed turntable. Soft start and stop. Chain                                                                                                              carriage lift. LED display. Dial up number of wraps top                                                                                                        and bottom. Overlap. etc.


                                                                                                     Auto height detection. Turntable home position at stop.

                                                                                                     Dual limit switches top and bottom to prevent overrun. 

                                                                                                     Film carriage takes machine stretch film, and is able to                                                                                                        provide stretch by mechanical brake, up to 150%.


                                                                                                    Max wrap height is 2100mm, but there are optional                                                                                                               masts that go to 2400mm and 2600mm.

                                                                                                    The machine weighs 680 Kgs and is sized 2565 x 1500 x                                                                                                     2585mm high (with 2100mm high mast).



Item MP206. As above in every respect, but the maximum load weight is

1200 Kgs, and the unit weight is 700 Kgs.

The pre-stretch carriage, allows the machine stretch film to be pre-stretched

up to 250% (actual stretch capabilities, depend on the quality and type of

film being used, so always check with your film supplier).

Once the pre-stretch is set to your preferred %age, the machine needs no

further adjustment, so your film savings are locked in.

A big advantage of pre-stretch machines, is that if your load is prone to being

pulled off the pallet because it is light, or that the load comprises many small

objects which might be disturbed during a standard wrap, then the light laying

on of the film will prevent this happening. The film will want to revert to its pre-

stretched stage after the load has been unitized (max tightness over 24 Hrs).

Pre-stretch carriages provide the best potential for saving on film costs.           

                                                                                                                               Optional load ramps are also available.

An optional top pad is available, to help secure very light or unstable loads during rotation.         

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