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King Group of Companies

KING S-t-r-e-t-c-h Film, Pallet Cap &

Hand Dispenser.

* Premium grade, co-extruded hand and machine stretch film, delivers up to 250%   stretch - not to be confused with blown and low layer cheap film.

* Crystal clear clarity enables load identification and scanning through the film.

* Comes off the roll in near silence. Cuts out noise pollution.

* High puncture resistance ensures max protection, in storage or until delivered.

* High Quality - Low Price.



HAND STRETCH FILM. Min order 4 Rolls/Carton. 200 Rolls/Pallet.

Item: HS20-320um. 7 Layer Cast. 500mm wide x 300 Mtrs.

Item; HS20-3B. As above but in black - preventing identification of the load.

Item: HS23-3. 23um. 7 Layer Cast. 500mm wide x 300 Mtrs.

Near silent off the roll. Ultra clear. Ultra High Punture Proof. 4 Rolls/Carton.

HAND STRETCH FILM DISPENSER. Item: HFD-1. With hand controlled brake, to provide tension between the dispenser and the load. Can be used by walking around the pallet, or with a Powered Turntable stretch wrap machine.

MACHINE STRETCH FILM. Min order 4 Rolls. 50 Rolls/Pallet.

Item: MS17-18. 17um. 7 Layer Cast. 500mm wide x 1800 Mtrs.

Item: MS20-14. 20um. 7 Layer Cast. 500mm wide x 1413 Mtrs.

Item: MS23-12. 23um. 7 Layer Cast. 500mm wide x 1228 Mtrs.

PALLET CAP. Covers the top of the load and some way down the sides. The stretch film unitizes the load and the top cover weather proofs it.

Item: PC25-168. 25um. Non Stretch, blown film. 1680mm square (folded). On roll of 250 pcs.

Hand stretch film rolls

Hand stretch film dispenser

Stretch wrap machine and film

Machine and hand stretch film in black

Film Pallet Cap

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