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SHRINK FILM is available in many forms, such as sheets, bags, tubes and much more.

Formed from heat shrink film, when heat is applied the plastic, it shrinks to form the same shape as the object and to hold it tightly.

Unlike stretch film which is applied in layers, stretch film is used to completely cover an object or load, which makes for a stronger unitized load (the film can also encompass the pallet). The load is then completely weather proofed.

Shrink film is usually supplied in greater thickness than strtech wrap film (typically 100 - 150um, as against 17 - 25um for stretch). This is necessary, in order to cope with the heat that needs to be applied in order to shrink the film.

Some product loads such as tiles and bricks have been shrink wrapped, but increasingly, high quality stretch wrap, combined with strapping, is also used for this type of load.

The pallet cover can be placed over the load (and the pallet, if it is sitting on another pallet). The bottom edges can be folded under and stapled, then a gas or hot air gun made for the job, applies heat to the film which shrinks around the load.

Care must be taken to move the flame or hot air at all times, as any stationery flame will hole and burn the plastic.

In high throughput applications, a heat tunnel can apply circulated heat, as the load moves through on powered rollers.

In cold applied shrink film applications, a pre formed square tube is opened up mechanicaly, and when the load is under the frame, the tube is lowered over the load, then the four corner arms are retracted, and the top is folded over and heat sealed to form a bag. The bag will shrink back to it's former pre-stretched size over the next 24 Hrs, thereby applying force to the load.

There are variations on the theme, but all rely on the shrink properties of this type of film.

Pack King is able to advise on all your packaging requirements, and supply products to suit.

Shrink film protecting stored aircraft

Shrink film unitizing bottle water packs

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