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The new ABLE CONTAINER from Pack King, is squarely aimed at the logistics / stock picking / storage markets.


Essentially a wire mesh container – with a difference! Firstly it is 1100mm square, so it fits side by side on a truck with little wasted space.


Capacity is 1 tonne. It features 50mm x 50mm x 6mm wire mesh sides and floor, with a heavy duty steel matrix base frame. Stacking type feet and racking bars.


One side has a half opening flap, or fully opening side – for easy access to the goods - even when they are stacked.


The feet allow stacking – up to three high. The 100mm underside clearance allows for forklift

or hand pallet truck access. It can also be raised by a stacker for ease of loading.


They can be folded – for low cost return shipping (six units folded = 1 erected).


The container can be racked, so you can store it off the floor.


They can be fitted with wheels, to make stock picking easier. Wheeled units can also be towed by fitting the tow bar and hitch. Pack King can also supply a range of pedestrian operated tow tugs of varying capacities.


The Able Container can be supplied with a security mesh lid, that can be cable tied or



Internal security plastic panels can be supplied to prevent delicate articles from becoming

damaged during picking or transportation. The panels can also protect product in bags inside the secure mesh container.


For those companies looking for additional security, the Able Container can be fitted with RFID tags or be GPS enabled.


The Able Container is zinc plated for long life and pristine appearance.


Pack King are able to sell or hire the Able Container in any configuration.

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