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Sub Aqua







Sub Aqua cures using moisture from the air or in direct contact with water.

It enables up to 20 Kgs of stone, metal, wood, many plastics, etc., to be fixed directly to a wall, ceiling or floor.

It seals under water, so rusty guttering, cracked roof tiles, broken pavers, deteriorated expansion joints, cracks in walls, and much more, can be instantly sealed with just one application of Aqua Seal. It can also be flattened out using a trowel or pallet knife.

Although Sub Aqua instantly holds firm, it cures fully over 48 hrs to a rubber like substance, that is pliable and hard wearing (Shore  A55).

It is available in black or white, in a 297ml standard cartridge for use in a handyman's cartridge gun.

Where some products purport to work in wet conditions, most times the instructions advise that the area must be clean, free of debris and dry before applying. Sub Aqua applies under any conditions (just remove loose debris and algae first).

Got a leaking pool? Apply Sub Aqua to underwater light fixtures, cracks, tiles, surround pavers, anywhere where water seepage is a problem? Sub Aqua will fix it – permanently!

Need to temporarily stop a leak in the roof, simply climb into the roof space and apply Sub Aqua directly to the leaking tile and see it magically stop. You can return in good weather and change the tile.

Guttering leaking – same idea. Seal it in the rain and come back when it's fine to replace the guttering.

Internal box guttering leaking? Apply straight over the rust for an instant seal.

Roof leaking around air conditioners, pipes, panels, etc.? Sub Aqua will keep out the rain.

Sealing pipes? Apply to threads -no more leaks. Under floor boards – no more squeeks!

Need to seal cracks in pavements, joints, sculptures, ornamental fountains? Sub Aqua will seal right through water.

No matter how hot or cold it gets, Sub Aqua will still be pliable many years from application.

Notes: Sub Aqua is an MS Polymer. It is not suitable for use in any environment where it comes in direct contact with food, flora or fauna. Use Sub Aqua in an open space and wear protective gloves and mask.


Keep out of reach of children.

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